In recent weeks, investors have considered everything from a relatively uninspiring earnings reporting season and the dominance of polarizing forces in the political economy, to growth differentials in developing vs. developed markets and the “responsible” use of Pokémon Go. In this month’s edition of   Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking (JSFB), we consider “Explorations and Aspirations” with an array of subjects ranging from “smart contracts” in the blockchain to empowering investors with sharper measurement tools. And ultimately, we hope to go beyond “sustainability,” and move towards value creation and regeneration through capitalism.

• Our global sector research team methodically looks at ways to quantify the risks and opportunities of ESG issues for specific industries, sectors and regions, along with two reports on food safety, investigating the state of regulation and technology throughout the supply chain.

• We also offer an excerpt from our new guide to voting proxies by John Wilson, Head of Corporate Governance, Engagement and Research, intended to aid investors who want to explore how they can become “A Voice in the Boardroom.”

• Drawing from industry voices: Brent Bergeron of Goldcorp offers a materiality analysis mapping key issues and strategies in gold mining to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; David Lepper of IPSA Capital explores the challenges ahead for maritime finance; Karla Canavan of Bunge discusses enzyme supplementation to enhance the nutritional value of animal feed, and the potential for combating human malnutrition, while Gugu McLaren of Discovery Ltd. takes a shared-value approach on using behavioral assessments to shape the insurance industry.

Finally, Jon Lukomnik of the IRRC Institute wonders “Why is everyone angry at Wall Street?” as he ponders the misalignments between the financial system and the needs of the real economy. He brightly concludes: “Finance provides neither food nor shelter, but without it, we could have neither, at least not at a scale appropriate for the modern world.”

Highlights from the Summer issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: June / July Updates
By Michael Geraghty  

An Atypical Analysis of Industry Risks
By Michael Geraghty

Brexit Fallout: Global Uncertainty to Weigh on Multiples
By Michael Geraghty

A Voice in the Boardroom
By John K.S. Wilson, Caleb Ballou 

Our Response to the SEC on Sustainability Disclosures
By John Wilson & Cornerstone Capital Research Team 

Food Safety: In a State of Transformation
By Michael Shavel, Sebastian Vanderzeil 

Tracking Our Thesis on Food Safety Opportunities: A Look at Neogen
By Michael Shavel, Sebastian Vanderzeil

Exploring the Challenges in Maritime Financing
By David Lepper, IPSA Capital

Bitcoin & Ethereum: Exploring How Smart Contracts Work
By Chris Burniske, ARK Invest

Enhancing Food and Feed to Boost Nutrition Efficiency
By Karla Canavan, CAIA, Bunge

Decision-Making in a Context of Uncertainty
By Felicitas Weber, KnowTheChain 

Materiality Fuels Aspirations for Future Generations
By Michael Kinstlick, SASB 

Exploring Ways to Close the ESG Info Gap: Perspective from Canada
By Catherine Gordon, SimpleLogic Inc 

Corporate Sustainability Through Shared Value and Innovation
By Gugu McLaren, Discovery Ltd. 

Aspiring to the Gold Standard in Mining Management
By Brent Bergeron, Goldcorp 

Why Is Everyone Angry at Wall Street?
By Jon Lukomnik, IRRC Institute 

Forest Ecosystems and Climate Uncertainty: Investment Implications
By Sebastian Vanderzeil & Dr. Bruce Kahn, Sustainable Insight Capital Management 

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