This month’s edition of the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB) puts the focus on “Sports, Media and Entertainment,” understanding the broad influences they have on cultures, businesses and nations.  Against the backdrop of a World Cup tournament drawing interest from fans across the globe, we look at important issues around governance in professional sports, across sectors and within regions … notably, India.

Where sports fans congregate, so do brands — and here we have examples from McDonald’s and EY on how to meld sports with sustainability and corporate growth.  The Media section offers a scorecard on top players in the U.S. for disclosure on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, along with insights on media spin-offs and an insider’s view of media activity during India’s recent elections.  Finally, we celebrate talent in the world of Entertainment, from the inspirational richness of jazz greats to the lights of Broadway.


The Last Ship  by Jeffrey Seller

Embracing the New Market Opportunity: LGBT+A  by Joanne Jacobson

Jazz Inspired Finance  by Erika Karp and Sari Kessler

The Cornerstone Capital Sector Strategy: Incorporating ESG Factors into Media Sector Valuations   by Michael Geraghty

Principles of Responsible Gaming  by Michael Shavel

Governance & the NFL  by John Wilson

A Focus on India  by Michael Geraghty

Business of CSR and Sustainability in India  by Rajesh Tiwari

The Role of Media in India’s Election Outcome  by Bhanu Dhamija

More Than a Game: Football Fans and Nationalism  by Tahl Mayer

The Spin on Spin-Offs  by Janet Pegg

Top Sports, Media & Entertainment Brands: A Focus on ESG Metrics  by Kate Schrank

Let’s Dance: The Virtuous Cycle of Creativity  by Mark Sloss

The Power of Sports: From the Field to the Business World  by Beth Brooke-Marciniak

Feeding Fans Sustainably  by Jeffrey Hogue

Sports Analytics for the Masses  by Chen M. Shachar