• In this issue of the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking we pivot to “Africa” as our theme with contributions on innovation and entrepreneurship that are needed to navigate the volatility and complexity of the global markets.
  • We take inspiration from South Africa and historic figures such as Nelson Mandela in the political realm, and Mervyn E. King, who has led the way to achieving a level of transparency in corporate financial reporting that can “weave a golden thread” through the information made available to investors.
  • We are also encouraged by the innovative work of both charitable organizations and for-profit companies to drive positive change in commodity exchanges, advances in “agroforestry” to improve the lives of women and children and initiatives to prevent further exploitation of wildlife.

Highlights from the June issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: Monthly Update
By Michael Geraghty  

South Africa: A Leader in Corporate Governance
By Mervyn E. King, IIRC  

Gauging Governance Globally – Spotlight on South Africa
By Michael Geraghty  

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange: Integrating Sustainability
By Siobhan Cleary and Corli Le Roux, JSE  

Profiting from Trust – Opportunities to (Re-) Define a Positive Social Role for Financial Institutions
By Chris Coulter, GlobeScan  

The Distributed Marketplace
By John K.S. Wilson, Margarita Pirovska, PhD, and Michael Shavel  

African Commodity Exchanges: Tough Questions about Financial Sustainability
By Julie Lerner, PanXchange  

Creating a Win-Win Investment in Kenya
By Taryn Goodman and Charlotte Kaiser, The Nature Conservancy  

The Bioenergy-Environment-Gender Nexus: How Simple Innovations Can Drive Change
By Dr. Mary Njenga, World Agroforestry Centre  

PanAfrican Investment Co: Collaboration in Action in sub-Saharan Africa
By Dana Reed, PanAfrican Investment Co., LLC  

Integrated Thinking in South Africa
By Leigh Roberts, Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa

Ivory Pirates: Funding Terrorism by Plundering Africa’s Natural Resources
By Buffy Redsecker, SunLight Time Foundation 


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