In conjunction with the notion of corporate excellence as synonymous with corporate sustainability, is the concept of precision….Precision in language, research, incentives, measurement, methodologies, and the general approach to business.

With advances in science, technology and other disciplines, we have enabled greater targeting to bring about effective solutions to the societal challenges of our day.  “Precision” is the theme for this month’s “Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking.

This month we draw upon experts including those from The Milken Institute, PwC, PepsiCo, and the Forté Foundation to discuss practicalities and purpose in disease management, R&D productivity, accounting, philanthropic services, and measuring “impact.”  We also include notes from Cornerstone’s own analysts addressing topics ranging from Income Inequality to Proxy Access. It is with precision that we look for insights to leverage the capital markets on behalf of a more regenerative and inclusive global economy.


Regional Market and Sector Strategy: Monthly Update, By Michael Geraghty

Featured Domain:, By Erika Karp

Proxy Access: A Core Shareholder Right or the Latest Corporate Governance Fad?, By John Wilson

Precision Innovation: An R&D Strategy to Drive Top-line Growth at PepsiCo, By Mehmood Khan, MD

Healthcare Utility Management—an Efficient Strategy, By Garrett Kephart and Barry Gordon

Bolstering the Pipeline of Women Business Leaders, By Elissa Sangster

Collaborative Research Will Drive Precision Disease Management, By Mary K. Crow, MD

Improving ‘Return on Philanthropy’ to Fight Alzheimer’s, By Melissa Stevens and LaTese Briggs

New Research in Mobility: A Step Forward in Measuring Social Impact, By Margarita Pirovska, PhD

Precision in Impact Investing: An Approach, By Don Reed, CFA

Applying Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis in Sustainability Valuation, By Donna Coallier

The Value of Deconstruction, By Kathee Rebernak

May edition of the JSFB: “Precision”