This month, after a month of continued market rallies in the west fueled by extraordinary monetary stimulus with near term “taper” prospects put aside for the moment, we take the opportunity to “pivot to the east.”  Following the outcome of the much anticipated Third Plenary Session of China’s Party Congress, global market participants puzzle over the extent to which reforms are discounted in the markets, and we consider optimal paths to long-term prosperity by including feature articles from two China experts.

China Threat? The Challenges, Myths, and Realities of China’s Rise by Lionel Vairon

“Extremes vs. Realities: Opportunities for China’s Urban Development” by Zheng Xiaoping

China: The Elusive Market for US Technology Companies by Nikos Theodosopoulos

Living in Regulatory Purgatory by Diane Glossman

Sustainable Agriculture: When Less is More by Karla Canavan

A Zero Sum Game: Assessing Water Risks in China’s Mega Infrastructure by Lotfipour, Chew, Jin

The Evolution of Company/Shareholder Engagement by John Wilson

Jumpstarting Access to Capital by David Robinson

Food Policy & the Environmental Credit Crunch by Paul Donovan, Julie Hudson

Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, November 2013