In the past month, as the prognosis for the health of the fragile global economic recovery has deteriorated with a concurrent spike in volatility, we turn to the theme of “Food and Nutrition” in this month’s edition of the “Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking” (JSFB).  This month we address a broad range of issues including the unintended health consequences of reformulated foods, the nature of the debate on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, and the extent to which the world’s farmers have the unenviable task of boosting productivity on a base of declining natural resources…water in particular.  We feature some of the most innovative thinking on sustainable agriculture, analytics to support investment decisions, the new “haute” cuisine, and urban farming.  We look to seas and we look to the vintners.  And, we share how corporations are faring amid the growing number of “food fights” as well as new metrics to measure impact investment. Here we harness the facts, the energy and the context to create solutions that will shape our wellness and shape our future.     


SustainableGames.comBy Erika Karp and Juan Lois

Regional and Sector Strategy Monthly UpdateBy Michael Geraghty

Gauging Governance Globally – Macro & Micro Metrics, By Michael Geraghty

A Closer Look at GMOs, By John Wilson and Margarita Pirovska, PhD

Eating Ourselves Thirsty, By Brooke Barton

The Diabetes Challenge: The Unintended Health Consequences of Reformulating Food Products, By Jürgen Siemer, Phd

Investing in Global Seafood is Smart for Business, People and Planet, By Linda Cornish and Will Baird

Sustainable Agriculture: What Drives Investor Decisions?  By Bruce Kahn, PhD

7,000 Chemicals and Highly Sustainable, By Kevin Parker

Impact Measurement Enabling an Effective Market, By Luther Ragin, Jr. and Kelly McCarthy

Water and Sanitation: Everybody Needs Them, Especially During a Crisis, Coco McCabe from Oxfam America

Rise of the Corporate Wellness Officer, By Melissa Musiker, and Julie Jack

The Future of Urban Agriculture in U.S. Cities, By Viki Radden and Doug Lawrence

Food & Sustainability…A Call for Action, By Robert Fireman

The Search for a Sustainable Cuisine, By Irena Chalmers

Transforming Snacks for Foodies, By Margarita Pirovska