We recently hosted a video call to share our latest thinking about the markets globally and to take questions from our audience. Moderated by Chief Investment Officer Craig Metrick, the team shared our outlook for equities (Michael Geraghty), fixed income (Shahnawaz Malik) and alternatives (Jennifer Leonard).

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Larry Hatheway for this call. Larry is co-founder of Jackson Hole Economics, an ‘action tank’ designed to “provide context for the world we inhabit.” Prior to this new initiative, Larry was Group Chief Economist and Global Head of Investment Solutions at GAM Investments from 2015-19. This position followed more than 20 years at UBS Investment Bank serving in roles such as Chief Economist, Head of Global Asset Allocation, and Global Head of Fixed Income and Currency Strategy.

Larry’s macro backdrop set the scene for our dialogue, focusing on the impact of the pandemic-driven economic downturn on GDP both domestically and abroad, the hurdles to overcome in a recovery, and the longer-term risk posed by mounting debt.

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