From The Economist conference “Impact Investing: Mainstreaming Purpose-Driven Finance.”

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, as the adage goes. Big advances are being made in measuring social impact and environmental sustainability thanks to the efforts of organisations such as the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board and Global Impact Investment Network. But what remains to be done? Are the right things being measured? What reporting and auditing rules are needed to create confidence in claims about achieving impact and sustainability? What do we already know about the impact of current investment choices?

Dan Hanson, partner, Jarislowsky Fraser Global Investment Management and founding member, SASB Board

Jessica Matthews, managing director and head of mission-related investing practice, Cambridge Associates

Matthew Weatherley-White, managing director, The CAPROCK Group

Erika Karp, founder and chief executive, Cornerstone Capital Inc

Moderator: Matthew Bishop, senior editor, The Economist Group