“Purpose and Disruption” are a powerful mix . . . Social and economic entities that have the former, may cause the latter in both small and large measure. With the approaching UN Climate Change Summit bringing world leaders together in the hopes of catalyzing impact, we ponder a broad range of ideas around the theme of “Purpose & Disruption” in this month’s issue of the “Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking” (JSFB).

On the first point, we begin with the challenge of transforming electronic trading markets, and then look at the balance required in the energy sector to bring about a fossil-free world by 2075.  We explore the actions managers can take to help employees define what “purpose” means to them, and what investors should know before they try to shape corporate agendas. For disruptors, we consider the longer-term cost to society of exposure to hazardous chemicals, the effects of Ebola on long-depleted healthcare systems and how to anticipate extreme weather conditions from El Nino.  We close on a positive note regarding social impact in real estate investment, while heralding those “great negotiators” who can be sensitive in a world full of conflict but take the time to map mutual interests and focus on opportunities.



Not Just a ‘Flash’ – But a Call to Arms, By John Ramsay

The Cornerstone Capital Strategy Update, By Michael Geraghty

Paths to Fossil-Free Future Create Disruptive Business Opportunities, By Dr. Holmes Hummel

Balancing Nature and Energy, By Peter C. Fusaro

The 2014 El Niño – Disrupting the Climate of Business?  By Madeleine Thomson

Are You Thinking Like a Universal Owner?  By John Wilson

Making the Case for Intrinsic Motivation, By Aaron Hurst

Ebola as a Challenge to Health and Investment, By Derek Yach

Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals – Health Risk & Potential Opportunity, By Lisa Beauvilain

Risk Mitigation – the Basis for Chemical Safety, By Dr. Martin Kayser

Accelerating Impact in Real Asset Investing, By James Lee and James Schaffe

The Great Negotiator, By Katrina Stanislaw

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