On April 1, Head of Research and Corporate Governance John Wilson hosted a panel discussion to address current topics in corporate governance, such as:

  • Mainstream firms are joining the movement toward environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration and sustainable investing. What does this mean for the field?
  • Are corporate boards becoming more inclusive – and does it matter? What are the current trends?
  • Investor advocacy for greater transparency in corporate political influence grows: We look at climate change as a case study.
  • Plastics: How are investors and companies responding to this underappreciated environmental crisis?

John was joined by Catherine Jackson, Founder of Jackson Principled Governance, a firm that brings the investor and sustainability perspectives into the boardroom to help prudent boards identify, understand and manage their ESG risks and opportunities; Karina Litvack, a corporate governance and sustainable investment expert with a 25-year career in finance and sustainable business practice (and current board member of energy firm Eni); and Timothy Smith, Director of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Shareowner Engagement at Walden Asset Management.

Here is a replay of that video discussion.