This month as we strive to make sense of the increasingly complex world around us, the “Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking” (JSFB) delves into the world of “Learning” – what do we know about the nuances of investment process and sustainable finance, and how can we can we learn about critical Environmental, Social and Governance issues to better guide our decisions?

Among the many viewpoints across the ESG landscape, we seek to understand both the macro and micro backdrop for global markets. Our contributors address everything from Ed Tech and Education Venture Funds, to investments in corporate research and life cycle assessment as an investment risk mitigation tool. And for those interested in both earning and investing, we call for a “New Financial Literacy” to be embraced by those who want to maximize impact and the potential for capitalism and corporate profitability in the process.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS MONTH’S ISSUE: by Erika Karp and Michael Marinello

The Cornerstone Capital Strategy Update – Less Cyclical, More Defensive by Michael Geraghty

Making Better Investment Decisions: Tools to Enhance Carbon Literacy  by Margarita Pirovska

Reframing the Conversation on Industrial Energy Efficiency  by Mark Wolf, Erika Fitch Benson, Dain Lee, and Gabriela Koloffon Valdez

Cornerstone Summary of “Earnings Guidance – A White Paper from KKS Advisors & The Generation Foundation  by Michael Shavel

Teaching Boards to Keep Diversity in Focus by Susan Baker, Jonas Kron

What is Shareholder Engagement…Why is it Important?  by John Wilson

Confirmation Bias in the Investment Process  by Michael Shavel

Learning from Diapers – Life Cycle Assessment as an Investment Risk Mitigation Tool  by James Fava

The Customer Knows Best: Wall Street Needs to Prioritize Consumer Research  by John Hoeppner

Green ‘Em Up, Up, Up! Teaching Sustainability Through Story, Song & Stomach  by Cindy Motz

Boosting Impact: Why Foundations Should Invest in Education Venture Funds  by Matt Greenfield, Tom Vander Ark

“Measuring Impact in Ed Tech:” How Smart Education Investing Can Prepare K-12 Students for the 21st Century  by Michele Demers

Investing in Prevention: A National Imperative Seen Through the Eyes of a Private Investor  by John Schaetzl

Learning to Feed a Nation  by Nasreen Awal

How Purpose-Driven Programs Can Solve the Employee Engagement Problem  by Susan Hunt Stevens

Open Hiring: A Culture of Training and Learning  by Mike Brady

Corner Bookshop: Caretaker of Cultural Capital  by Maryann Calendrille