• This month in the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), our theme is “Work/Life Skills.”  While there may never be perfect balance in life, economics, or markets, we can work to integrate our approach with broader interests and beliefs. We can apply cross-disciplinary learning from life and enhance performance across the board.
  • From across the ecosystem of the Cornerstone Capital Group, we find illustrative examples of the application of life experience to apply to critical societal challenges.
  • We are also pleased to include two pieces that capture the essence of what we at Cornerstone truly consider to be among the most critical of “work/life” skills: Questioning. It is a true understanding of the difficult but pivotal questions that will drive long-term performance.

Highlights from the Summer issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: Monthly Update
By Michael Geraghty  

ESG in Sector Strategy: What’s Material?
By Michael Geraghty

Erika Karp 

Scenario: What if Electricity Prices Fell?
Sebastian Vanderzeil and Michael Shavel

Solar vs Oil: Case Study in Maintaining Conviction
Sebastian Vanderzeil and Craig Metrick

Trust, Transparency, Enterpreneurship & Corporate Legacy
Erika Karp and John Wilson

Of Chore Wars and Talent Wars
Anne Weisberg, Families and Work Institute

A Measure of Health
Daniel Malan, Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa

Enriching Young Lives Through Work: The Aman Foundation and USAID
Farah Naz Ahmad, Pakistan American Foundation

Social Impact Exchange: Systematic Collaboration at Work
Anne Sherman and Antoinette La Belle, Growth Philanthropy Network

Learning to Play: “Bridge” to Trading
Ralph Buchalter, Och-Ziff Capital Management

It’s All about the Tools
Laura Berry, Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility

A Yogi’s Guide to Finance
David Dusenbury, DGHM & Co

The Imperative of Financial Literacy for Children
Susan Winston, Independent Consultant 

Erika Karp and Michael Marinello

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