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Structural Complicity: Sexual and gender-based violence as an emerging investment risk

“Time’s Up”… #MeToo … allegations of abusive behavior by corporate chiefs … the groundswell of public attention to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is revealing how pervasive it is at all levels of society, in all industries. From an investor’s perspective, the burgeoning movement to root out abuse raises the question of whether capital markets… Read more »

Erika Karp to be Honored at NY Chapter of US National Committee for UN Women’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

New York, October 10, 2017 – Cornerstone Capital Inc. is pleased to announce that Erika Karp, Cornerstone’s Founder and CEO, will be honored at the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women during its 30th anniversary reception, “Champions of Change: Stand Up for Women Worldwide,” on October 18th at The… Read more »

Ms Foundation Calls for Expansion of Sanctuary Policies

Editor’s note: Ms Foundation has just released a new report: “Centering Black Women, Girls, Gender Nonconforming People and Fem(me)s in Campaigns For Expanded Sanctuary and Freedom Cities,” by Andrea Ritchie and Monique Morris (National Black Women’s Justice Institute). Below we share the executive summary. Download the full report here: Centering Black Women, Girls, Gender Nonconforming People and… Read more »

The Gender Equality Gap: A Problem Too Big to Tackle?

Closing the gender equality gap is among the priorities of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 5), along with end ending poverty and hunger, and ensuring quality education. In short, it is, has been, and will continue to be one of the most tremendous challenges of our times. What precedes this article is a… Read more »

Women in an Automated World

Increasing automation will change the composition of the US workforce. Women face greater risk of job loss due to computerization, and “lower risk” jobs typically dominated by women pay less than low risk male-dominated jobs.