Erika Karp

Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group

Fern Thomas, CPA

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer

John Wilson

Head of Research and Corporate Governance

Phil Kirshman, CFA, CFP

Chief Investment Officer, CCIA

Craig Metrick, CAIA

Managing Director, Institutional Consulting and Research

Jennifer Leonard, CFA

Director, Manager Due Diligence

Katherine Pease

Head of Impact Strategy

Betsy Emerson

Marketing and Communications Director

Michael Geraghty

Equity Strategist

Sebastian Vanderzeil

Director, Global Thematic Analyst

Emma Currier

Research Associate

Alison Smith

Managing Director, Head of Business Development

Janet Morgan

Managing Director, Strategic Business Development

M. Randall Strickland

Director, Relationship Management

Clara Duffy

Client Relationship Management and Operations Analyst

Ryan Arnez Monroe

Associate Director, Client Services

Karen Benezra

Business Development

Heng Yang

Data Analyst and Client Service Coordinator

Elizabeth Salcedo

Accounting Manager