We are pleased to present this replay of our recent panel discussion with leaders in the LGBTQ movement for equality  — access the event replay above. Our panel addressed:

  • The history of organizing in the LGBTQ movement and what kind of action has led to change, bringing us up to the current moment.
  • The recent Supreme Court decision barring employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, and how companies will have to implement changes to policies and corporate cultures.
  • The role of politics, education and advocacy in creating accountability.
  • The role of impact investors in helping to ensure that LGBTQ equality is actualized in a corporate environment, including the role of investors.

Here are some links you may find useful in further exploring the issues raised in our discussion:


Vaid Group

Relevant Cornerstone Research in chronological order (we are pleased to announce the imminent publication of an update to Investing to Advance Racial Equity.)  

Structural Complicity: Sexual and gender-based violence as an emerging investment risk

Investing to Advance Racial Equity: Practical ways to tackle economic inequality

Two Lenses, One Vision: Investing for LGBTQI and Gender Equity

Advancing “Access” in Gender Lens Investing

Women Entrepreneurs: Foundational to Economic Recovery


Our Panelists