As investors continue to make the case for LGBTQI equity, there is a practical and ethical mandate to fuse LGBTQI interests with those of gender lens investors who recognize the many benefits of establishing corporate cultures and practices that embrace all stakeholders. Cornerstone explored investing for the issue of LGBTQI equity in our recent report, Two Lenses, One Vision: Investing for LGBTQI and Gender Equity 

Following on from the report, Cornerstone Capital CEO Erika Karp and Head of Impact Strategy Katherine Pease hosted a live video session with Dr. Vivienne Ming, Founder of Socos Labs. Socos is an independent think tank that explores the future of human potential to guide private and public policy toward a more effective, human-centered world. The conversation focused on the interplay of gender identity and sexual orientation and offered practical insights into how investors can advance LGBTQI equity by aligning with gender lens investing strategies.