At Cornerstone we believe socially conscious investing is a truth, not a trend. Our focus is on outcomes, not optics. We bring exceptional rigor and analysis to our investment strategy and provide a uniquely powerful, practical approach. We align your investments with the issues that matter to you most, without sacrificing anything—except indifference.

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Rigorous research is at the core of all we do

Our investment advice is supported by a strong due diligence process and comprehensive research. We account for numerous factors, including the impact investments have on people, society, and the economy, to properly evaluate decisions. Information is key to our success.
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Bringing Wall Street expertise to the field of impact

Our leading role in the industry has been shaped through our Wall Street heritage coupled with our passion for impact investing. We bring decades of experience in institutional investing and in-depth insights gained from working with traditional investment firms.
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Built for purpose, with passion

We were built for a purpose—to reinvent investing—and our passion runs deep. We believe in putting capital to work for good and we help investors who are as passionate as us determine how their money can provide positive results for both their portfolios and the world.
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Different client, different solution

We know that every client is different. And therefore, every client needs customized advice that is right for them. We take the time to understand what investors need and personally tailor our recommendations to match their values and goals, providing a solution that is unique to them.
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Positive results—without sacrifice

We know that true sustainable investing—that is, evaluating every aspect of a potential investment including long-term impact—leads to positive financial performance. Our focus on ESG helps to build a sounder investment strategy and a stronger corporate strategy. We think it’s a win/win situation.

Our research approach integrates ESG factors into a framework for identifying emerging trends

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